Bulk Invitation Cards

It’s been long time, we have come with any post. Apologies to our wonderful readers šŸ™‚

I was super busy with all the customised orders done in these months. But I thought to show you people some of the best works that i have done in past two months.

Here is a bulk of invitation cards for a baby girl on her rice feeding ceremony.

DSCF5131 copy

Catchy, Isn’t it??

I was thrilled to design for the client as the client wanted it to be best from the rest and no traditional type (Indian).

Now, to the followers who do not have any idea about Rice Feeding Ceremony, here is some information about the same:

I got many questions from international crafters, What is this ceremony all about? Well, we Bengalis, living in the Eastern zone of India, belong to a Rice growing country. We include rice or newly harvested rice to every auspicious occasion. When a child takes birth, we celebrate. But, when the same child grows to 5-7 months older, we feed him/her rice as rice is our staple food item.

To mark the first rice feed to the child, we celebrate the occasion as Rice Feeding Ceremony. Not only rice is fed to the child, a lot of items are prepared with the rice for the celebration and people invite friends and relatives to be a part of this celebration.

So, how can this pretty cute first celebration be left without beautiful invitation cards that too handmade!!!

DSCF5132 copy

The card measures 18cm in height and about 15cm in width. It has three layers : the top with the floral design and a message ‘you are invited’, the second layer of Royal pink with a message in Bengali (regional language) and the last layer in baby pink with the RSVP details in English.

DSCF5133 copy

I am pretty sure that you loved the design.

If you want to mark your occasions with these beautiful handmade cards sent a mail to criarletscreate@gmail.com

or call +91 9007144730

P.S. every design can be customised šŸ™‚



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