Diwali Gifting Options from Criar

Hello All,

After a long time, We are back!!!

This time we are back with more awesome Diwali gifting options. The gifts range from Rs. 80 to Rs.750. We are taking bulk orders from corporate houses. Following are the images of the newest creations from the house of Criar>>


Bangle Candle Holder

20170923_001001 copy

Bangle Candle Holder

20170924_005532 copy

Candle holder

20170923_001216 copy

Ganesh Candle Holder

20170923_001102 copy

Glass Candle Holders

DSCF5027 copy


20170923_001331 copy

This is how it can be packed in a single piece!


DSCF5032 copy


Glass Lantern

20170924_005621 copy

This can be lit with a candle inside or with tiny bulbs.

20170924_005640 copy

Glass Bottle Lamps

20170821_003423 copy


DSCF4727 copy


To know more about the prices of each product, watch this 1min video>>


To place an order for bulk gifting or for personal gifting, DM 9007144730

Thank you!!!


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